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ahalvaran #1 26/03/2016 - 02h41

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I've been running freetrack for around 5 years. Recently I made a new setup using a Logitech C170 modified for IR only operation.

I got it working well, however every time I start the tracking (even by just pressing stop then start again), the tracking screen goes into white out and I have to adjust camera settings again..

I have to increment either my gamma up, or my brightness down by a few notches. This brings it back to the same level of brightness before (mostly black with 3 very big visible white dots)

I checked with the native windows camera app and the Logitech webcam software, and neither of them suffer from this problem. I have checked in between stopping and starting freetrack's tracking and and the camera softwares show me a dark grey screen with very 3 visible green dots with no changes in the levels (it's the same color grey and green with same level of contrast).

I also noticed that whenever I press the start tracking button, the camera screen will show me normal operation (bright dots on black background) for about half a second before going into white out .

I can still use it at the moment, but I'm afraid I might run out slider soon :dev:

My system is windows 8.1, with Freetrack running simconnect for FSX
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Stormrider #2 28/03/2016 - 12h02

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This post is about a similar problem(I think) as you have.

Or try opentrack, it does the same as freeetrack but is still developed and keeps updated.

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