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MrUnknown101 #1 19/03/2016 - 15h44

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What's up Forum,

Having bought all my parts today to start building the 3 point clip, i just came to find out that you need Cl eye driver to make your ps eye work. No problem you'd think, just download the driver and problem solved. Wel Not costs 2$ now. Not that i can't afford it but, you can only pay with creditcard or paypal. I have none of both and rather not associate with paypal for certain reasons.

So my question is, is there any other decent cheap webcam for tracking purpose that does wel ?. I whas about to buy a ps eye from someone monday but i guess that isn't happening.
Stormrider #2 22/03/2016 - 18h55

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Befor my ps3-eye I used a ms vx3000 webcam.It has max 30fps and it's ir-filter is easy to remove.
It worked rather well and  the webcam was cheap.

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