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jasoniumh #1 05/06/2015 - 23h54

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Hi all, I am trying to connect two wiimotes via toshiba stack, freetrack works flawlessly with one wiimote connected, but if I try to connect both my wiimoteA camera(freetrack) and my wiimoteB flightstick, freetrack disconects wiimoteA. Is there a glove pie script to stop freetrack detecting one of the wiimotes? and enable camera functionality for my wiimoteA setup? Do I need two adapters? can I run two different BT stacks on one pc connecting deferent devices?

thank you for any help.. pie scripts ect..

ok got both running but freetrack stops recieving data from the camera(wiimoteA), appears to freeze(not the program just the dots)after a second. As in it starts then grinds to a stop.. thoughts?
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Stormrider #2 06/06/2015 - 10h32

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I posted a reply at the wrong post :lol: and removed it.
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