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JTWhite #1 14/02/2014 - 16h21

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Ive been using Freetrack for some time now on my Win7 computer for flightsimming. Since Ive been playing around with XPlane, I decided to move Freetrack over to an XP client computer (theres an Xplane plugin that allows this). However, and here's the problem, when I fire up Freetrack there seems to be two images in the frame on the right... the tracking frame and an image from the camera. I didnt get this on the Win7 computer, so I dont know how to turn it off.
Any idea how to get rid of the actual camera image that's blocking the Freetrack tracking window?

Thanks in advance.
Steph #2 15/02/2014 - 10h43

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do you got a screenshot?

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