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dwhesser #1 22/01/2014 - 03h30

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Is it normal for the cockpit in the Cockpit View to move with the movements of your head in Microsoft FS X?

My Virtual Cockpit view works as expected - when I move my head, the view shifts as expected in relation to the objects around me.  If I look to the left, I see the left hand view of the cockpit as well as the scenery outside the left window of the cockpit, etc., etc.

However, if I'm using the regular Cockpit view, the scenery outside the cockpit changes as expected, but the cockpit graphics follow my head movements.  So if I look to the left, I see the scenery outside the cockpit on my left, *but* I'm still looking at the cockpit as if I didn't move my head.  In other words my head movements are reflected outside of the cockpit, but not inside the cockpit - all at the same time.

If this is expected behavior, I'll just make note of it, but it seemed odd and I couldn't find another post.

Thanks to anyone that can offer their experience!

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