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JTWhite #1 17/09/2013 - 14h22

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Can anyone suggest how best to set up a button press from joystick within FSX to turn FreeTrack off and on?
Ive tried everything I can th ink of from special mouse software to FSUIP, etc. to no avail.
Steph #2 18/09/2013 - 10h21

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What is your joystick?
If you got any programming software for it, try it.
Like Logitech gaming software or Saitek smart technology (SST).
Just program a keyboard key emulation on one of your joystick buttons.

In Freetrack you can define any key to "Tracking Pause".

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Personally I use XPadder for years now, and I never regretted the 10$ I spend on it. It works with any controllers and all software.

You can get an older version for free in the net, but no guarantee if it works correctly on win7 and 8.

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