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JTWhite #1 23/07/2013 - 03h14

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As a new user, I've found Free Track really easy to set up. However, I've noticed one little quirk. Maybe it's more my lack of knowledge of Win7 than a Free Track problem, but here goes anyway.
After I launch FT and then FSX, I can no longer find any icon or screen for Free Track. It disappears.
It makes it hard to make any adjustments when I can't find it.
Its not on the task bar or system tray. Yet if I try to run it, it says it's already running.
The only way I can even shut it down is to start the task manager and end the process.
Maybe someone can tell me where it went or how to resurrect it.

Thanks in advance.
Steph #2 23/07/2013 - 08h56

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Hi JTWhite,

if it's still active in the task manager it has to be in the system tray.

How to hide and show icons in the system tray

If you don't want to minimize disable "Auto minimize" and "Start minimized".

Posted Image

You get better FPS when Freetrack is minimized.
JTWhite #3 23/07/2013 - 10h58

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Registered on : 22/07/2013

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Thanks, Steph. I thought perhaps it was something like that.

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