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JTWhite #1 22/07/2013 - 15h15

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(If this is a retread, please forgive)
I decided to try FreeTrack simply as a DIY project.
I built the 3-point clip using simple red LEDs (it works fine) and modified my old MS VX-3000 camera (took out filter, covered with 3 layers of exposed film).
I went into the software and adjusted the dimensions on the 3-point model page and turned off the auto white balance (using "enable button").
With all surrounding lights turned off, I push "start" and get the skull on the left and a black screen with three points of light on the right.
However, I never get the three crosshairs on the dots, the dots on the lower right of the interface screen are blank, and the skull does not move.
Any idea what I'm missing?
Do I need to swap out the LEDs for infrared LEDs?
Calibration of some kind?
Ive pondered and pondered and can't figure it out (which I usually can do when it comes to computers or DIY stuff).
I would greatly appreciate some help.
Thanks in advance.

Stormrider #2 22/07/2013 - 17h36

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Hi JTWhite,
It should work also with normal leds.I personal think you get the best result with ir-leds because you can block al the colors of light and let the ir-light get through.
I use the same cam as you have but I use ir-leds( SFH 485 P)

Did you disable auto-exposure??
You need a tool named windows enabler for it.
Read the manuel how to do it,

You can also check if maybe you point size of the leds is wrong.
Go to the cam tab, select point-size and give the minimum size a value of 1 and the maximuma value of 50 just for experimenting.
With this funtion you can discriminate other light sources.It is possible that your leds a smaller or bigger so it discriminates them for tracking.

JTWhite #3 22/07/2013 - 18h26

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I figured it out... yeahhhh
I was using almost depleted batteries. I hooked it  up to a 6v power supply and now it works like a champ. The LEDs were simplyh underpowered.
It is so cool. smooth movement. Love it.

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