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nonaste #1 15/09/2007 - 14h22

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I'm curious.  I just went to Fry's Electronics and bought a 15 dollar usb vid. cam which works with the program but I'm only getting 11fps no matter how much I tweak the cam's program settings.  Could this be a factor of the cheapness of the cam?  The box says it gets 30 fps.  Would a more expensive cam get me more fps.  It's a Micro Innovations Basic Webcam.
zwiebacksaege #2 15/09/2007 - 15h27

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more fps doesn't need a more expensive cam. read the compatibility-thread for good and bad experiences with webcams.
some cams like my logitech don't work so well and other do better, even if they have same specs on the paper
didja #3 15/09/2007 - 17h26

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Hi !

Uncheck the autoexposure and shut down MSN Messenger or any program which could call the webcams features...

Rémy : )
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