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Maldayne #1 28/03/2018 - 12h29

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Hi all.

I live in Africa, however am visiting Germany where I can finally source the parts for building the TrackIR system finally. I want to source all the parts strictly from due to time and convinience, however I have a few problems getting the parts described in tutorials.

I found these IR LED's, however that are not flat topped like the ones usually described in the tutorials. will these work or is there a better option on amazons site? I have seen some people mention filing, but it sounds risky

Then I read the PS3 Eye camera is the best camera for the setup, however there is a problem where the newer ones can't be modded to remove the IR filter. What is the next best alternative camera on , or is there a way to find the older PS3 Eye camera on the site? I found this one, but I don't see a way to see if it is the older or newer PS3 Eye

For the IR filter I looked at this one and is seems right since the 850nm is lower than the LED's 940nm

for resistors I chose 18Ohm which apparently would work with the rechargeable batteries I plan on using

And Battery Case incase that is important to list

What are your recommendations considering the parts and issues I have mentioned. I don't mind extra parts as I want to build an extra set for a friend as a gift. I just don't want to return to Africa to realise I am missing something  ;D

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Stormrider #2 11/10/2018 - 09h59

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already 825 views and noone is willing or able to help?A lot of people came here with questions.The help they got was for free,Isn't there at least one of those 825 viewer who could help this guy? :snif:

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