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Maldayne #1 28/03/2018 - 12h29

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Hi all.

I live in Africa, however am visiting Germany where I can finally source the parts for building the TrackIR system finally. I want to source all the parts strictly from due to time and convinience, however I have a few problems getting the parts described in tutorials.

I found these IR LED's, however that are not flat topped like the ones usually described in the tutorials. will these work or is there a better option on amazons site? I have seen some people mention filing, but it sounds risky

Then I read the PS3 Eye camera is the best camera for the setup, however there is a problem where the newer ones can't be modded to remove the IR filter. What is the next best alternative camera on , or is there a way to find the older PS3 Eye camera on the site? I found this one, but I don't see a way to see if it is the older or newer PS3 Eye

For the IR filter I looked at this one and is seems right since the 850nm is lower than the LED's 940nm

for resistors I chose 18Ohm which apparently would work with the rechargeable batteries I plan on using

And Battery Case incase that is important to list

What are your recommendations considering the parts and issues I have mentioned. I don't mind extra parts as I want to build an extra set for a friend as a gift. I just don't want to return to Africa to realise I am missing something  ;D

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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