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RSS >  Logitech c525 properties bug
pikmin124 #1 01/02/2017 - 03h45

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I have a strange bug I've been trying to fix for months. Every time I hit start on Freetrack, a logitech GUI pops up ostensibly appearing to be a third party properties menu for my webcam. Underneath it, Freetrack seems to think I've tried to close it, with the "are you sure you want to quit blah blah" dialog popping up. At that point, the freetrack GUI is unresponsive, but tracking still functions. If I attempt to interact with the dialog box, it will spit the properties menu at me three times, then the driver for my webcam breaks, and I have to uninstall and reinstall the drivers to make the webcam work again (system reboot does not suffice).

Also, attempting to access the camera settings yields the Logitech GUI and a Freetrack error dialog: "Access violation at address 0CF1632E in module 'LVUI2.dll'. Read of address 00000014".

I've deleted everything related to logitech I could find in docs and in regedit, to no avail.

Freetrack is still useable as long as I exit through the task manager rather than the GUI when I'm done; I just cannot interact with it once I've started tracking. Nonetheless, this bug has finally gotten annoying enough to spur me to come here. Anyone know what's going on?

I'm running Windows 10.

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Stormrider #2 01/02/2017 - 19h17

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maybe it is just time to try other tracking software which are still updated and getting new features.
Opentrack is a freeware and for Facetracknoir the developer is aksing a small fee.Both can work great and are a good alternative for freetrack.
Opentrack and Ftnoir supports also a lot more devices which can be used for tracking.

It is probably not the answer you hoped for but I think the best advise I can give you for this moment.

 cheers Stormrider
pikmin124 #3 02/02/2017 - 19h17

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Not a bug worth switching software over. Freetrack still works, it's just annoying. If I can't find a fix, I'll probably just switch webcams.

Thanks though.

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