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vlodeck #1 03/01/2016 - 19h03

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I can not install version 2.2

Now I have a problem Camera Ps3 Cl-eye, closes freetrack my system win 8.1 :(
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MsG #2 05/01/2016 - 08h01

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Try opentrack or FacetrackNoIR

They will work perfectly with modern operating systems. Freetrack is kind of dead and instable in combination with modern os and ps3 cam.
Stormrider #3 05/01/2016 - 10h49

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Do you already have the ps3-eye patch?
if you don't have a particular reason to use freetrack but only want ir-tracking for your game, follow the advise of MsG.
With freetrack you can zoom in and with a short key you can stabilize the view.This can be very, very helpfull sometimes.
Freetrack, facetracknoir or opentrack, each of them has his pros and cons.
Being developed means in my opinion that there still is something to improve.For some people freetrack doesn't need to be updated because it works already for them perfect.If it ain't broken don't xix it ;)
I know some people who still use freetrack with ps3-eye on win7/8/10 without any problem.This guy also uses freetrack.The zooming is not done by freetrack.The crosshair in a me-109 is slightly to the left, so for aiming he also must move his head a bit to the left.With freetrack this can be done without any problem.When he zooms in the view keeps rather stable, this can be a problem for ftnoir or opentrack because you can't alter the stabilize options with a short key.

There is also an alternative for using leds, you can use your smartphone with opentrack.
or take a look at

If you already have a ps3-eye and a led model, give it a try with opentrack.If you want more options like  turning of axis, adding more smoothing by short key try freetrack.You can even have them al installed and choose what you want.

And what Iam using now? A edtracker with opentrack. :D

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