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RSS >  LEDS are doubled, ps3 eye
racegamer #1 30/08/2015 - 04h03

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I put together a hat after successfully building a clip. The clip works fine as the "doubled" led isn't in the range, but the hat is unusable with the relfection or whatever it is. Any ideas?

I've tried adding extra resistors to lower the intensity, but it doesn't make a difference.

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racegamer #2 30/08/2015 - 07h03

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I figured it out! If you are using a ps3 eye camera, be sure to go into the cle eye test and configure the filter accordingly. This thing is amazing!

Thank you all for the awesome site!
Stormrider #3 30/08/2015 - 14h07

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now I just wonder what did you change in that filter in cl-eye test? :D
racegamer #4 30/08/2015 - 21h22

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It was late when I posted this.

I should preface my remedy by stating exactly what I'm using.

PS3 eye (bulk packaging from amazon) ir filter is not removed.
I fitted a piece of an exposed negative over the lens of the camera.
I used the common sfh485p L.E.D.s for these clips as well.


So to fix my issue all I had to do was

open CL eye test

click options

select video capture filter

Now, once this window is open, all you have to do is move the sliders around until you get those nice little dots on your screen.  Once you have these settings dialed in, those ghost dot's are no longer a problem.

Below are some photos to give anyone an idea of what the dots should look like in the cl eye test and in the point tracking program.  I searched the web front to back looking for a solution. If you take the time to properly set this software/hardware up, you will be absolutely stunned at how well it works.

Thanks to everyone here for all the information.

cl eye test settings for me
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how to screenshot on windows 7

no lights on in the room
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lights on in the room, no difference! yeeee haaaa
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yea, it's opentrack, but it's all open source, if you try it, just pick up the latest beta, it has some better features then the stable version and seems to work just fine.
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Hope this helps you all! It cost me maybe $20 to get all this stuff put together and setup, if you are thinking about buying the expensive one you should def. give this a shot, and don't give up! It is definitely worth it once you get it setup.

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