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biss #1 26/03/2015 - 20h57

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Hello, im using a three point cap with gigatech -056w camera(its chinese shit, but its giving me steady 29-30fps with 0 jitter on windows 8.

BUT after i start freetrack everything is ok, tracking is perfect and after a 5minutes tracking stard to delay, after few more minutes its more and more delaying as time passing by . When i do stop and than start freetrack everything is again perfect...

I tried to put freetrack on cpu affinity 0 and high and realtime and almost every option but nothing helps.

I need to mention i use FaceTrackNoIr with no problem of tracking delay, but facetracknoir use lot of resources and i got flickering in game.

Thank you in advance.
Stormrider #2 30/03/2015 - 08h56

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can you give provide some more info of your pc?Did you turn off all the automatic functions of your webcam?

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