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Mr_Amway #1 21/02/2015 - 00h18

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Hi there. I am no expert in this filed :)

Flying in ARMA 2. ( the few(spitfires MKi) )

Free track outputs in ARMA are being amplified way too much.(a small but bothersome  problem)
(everythng is fine in free track, trust me, smooth good 1:1 etc etc)

Looking up works fine (X,Y only one IR )
Head tracking is working well.

BUT and this is the kicker.

The FRAME of View is moving around the inside of a SPHERE.

Looking up high and then panning left or right  makes the FRAME
rotate around the X axis.
(try doing this in RL and you will break your neck)

If you use your real eyes and head, you will notice that our "frame" actually rotates DOWN at the leading edge as you look further around. Not up.
So our field of view is fat at the center and tapers off to the +Y and -Y extremes. AND the frame of view tends to angle down as you move it back.

WHY is this important????

Because when you fly you look around and Only you move your frame attitude. This means you will always know where the sharp end of your air craft is.

HOWEVER if Arma 2 changes your frame attitude while you are looking up you LOSE your pointy end reference and can't tell if you are flying PAST or INTO the ground.

This is retarded.

So how do we fix this???

CAN free track control the POV frame attitude in game?

AND can I get a mod to have only TWO IR's so that I get X Y AND   frame attitude.

XY moves the POV around the inside of the sphere and X Y together is the attitude f the frame. (if I look up: POV looks up, if I tilt my head the Frame tilts.

and then we are done and flying while looking up through the canopy is
realistic and the frame is not Swiveling around like you are drunk.

Unless you can already do this with multi point IR's ????

I am not bagging FT, it's bloody great!

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Mr_Amway #2 22/02/2015 - 09h03

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back again. yes it's me...

I just  bought a 1920 X 1080 monitor and set my Angle of view to something wider than stock. (ARMA 2)


Adjusted FT to limit pitch so that the very top of the canopy is still in the frame.
( I also bias the point of view to above the gunsight, so when I look L or R I am not staring at the wing roots..)
This reduces how high I can look but with the new screen size this seems
to no longer be an issue (as i can naturally see quite high now) and reduces the frame spin around the pole issue. (which sucked hard)

oh and I worked out a good way to set up FT with Arma 2. Window the view and see how far you need to look in game , check how far you move in FR in top down view and then how far your IR moves in the camera view. then tweak till they all come together. ( I found a linear in/out  the best and then tweak sensitivity in real time)This took me weeks to get right but now I can set up from scratch in a few minutes. :)

When I get a youtueb account I will post some clips.

so yeah. I guess I sorted my set up out.

Any questions???

oh yeah,  I am still using the cam on my head and IR LED on the monitor. This is by far the best way. no pesky narrow beam LED issues!

I may look like a tool however LED fade does not live here :)


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