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yonem #1 11/11/2014 - 21h52

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Hi there,

I am attempting to make the parallel circuit shown here

(I am using 30 ohm resistors and SFH485 LEDs - not SFH485P)

Posted Image

However I cannot seem to get it working. I have soldered one of the paths (So i have an led with wire connected to the cathode and  a resistor and wire connected to the anode) I have made the necessary modifications to my PS3 eye (remove IR filter and added a visible light filter, which has been receiving IR light from TV remotes without problem). I tried testing the one led that i had connected using one AA battery by aiming it at the webcam, however no IR light is emitted. I tried with two AA batteries and again no light. I even tried putting the positive end of the battery on the anode of the led, thus bypassing the resistor, since I have a few backup LEDs, and still no light was emitted.

Am i missing something obvious or doing something wrong?

I can upload photos if needed. Thanks
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DimPilot #2 18/01/2015 - 10h56

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Could you post a photo of your build as well as the specs of your leds?

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