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kormart #1 20/09/2014 - 05h23

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I'm partially disabled and use Face track no IR in mouse look mode to control the mouse primarily in RTS games.

I use voice programs in order to issue all sorts of other commands to the game.

Whenever I issue a command using either VAC or voice attack (which both use Microsoft's inbuilt Windows voice recognition) the mouse cursor randomly moves to the edge of the screen and I have severe difficulty getting it back. This makes things unplayable.

So I would like to be able to use free track and see if that is compatible with voice attack.

How the hell do I set this software up? It's definitely not as simple as face track no IR…

Is there some sort of walk-through for people? For starters I go to the model section and click on 3 point cap but every time I click start it changes to the icon of a 3 point clip and the video seems to show a clip on the right side and it doesn't seem to recognise anything I'm doing when i move?

Yet face track recognises me Perfectly. The mouse option also appears to be greyed out in face track.

I've played around with it for at least an hour on 3 separate occasions and simply can't get anything happening whatsoever? I can't get it to recognise my cap and I can't move the mouse cursor whatsoever.

Any help appreciated to enable mouse mode and recogonise my 3 point cap.
Steph #2 20/09/2014 - 13h13

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can you give some informations about your webcam (model, modified or not, filter), your headtrack model (LEDs, dimensions), windows.

Reinstall Freetrack with admin rights under Win7 and 8 under "Program Files x86" (same for Vista).

Choose the model in the  "Model"- section and fill up your dimensions and position.

In the "Cam" -section you need to check your webcam under "source". Then go for start and check if your LEDs are properly tracked as shown on the screen-shot , (three dots with three white crosses).

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