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Jaeger55 #1 02/04/2014 - 23h57

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Greeting All  ~S~

This is a great alternitive to spending the big bucks on the other headtracking.  From start to finish it takes persistance and patience. If done correctly you can end up with a very satisfying piece of equipment.  The correct camera, proper software, and a decent design and built headset reaps great rewards in the game of your choice.  In my case, the flight simulators.

I understand the basic settings but I have a few questions about the more advanced settings.  Its kinda hard to judge from one profile to the next the effects of them.
1. Zoom Smoothing Multiplier
2. Dynamic Smoothing Reduction
3. Average


View relative translation check boxes for Yaw,Pitch,Roll and Apply to X,Y, and Z

No backwards movement ...thats easy.

For you fellas who play the flight sims you will understand this question.

While on a full real server, alot of time is spent looking behind your plane.   I can spot them pretty good if I'm very diciplined in my head movement.  But once the dogfight starts, it really hard to get steady head control while looking in the 3-5 O'Clock and 9-7 O' Clock of my airplane.  Its like the head rolls and moves like a bobblehead.  Is this a matter of controling my head movement to be less jerky or is there a settings solution in the game that can reduce this wobbleing of the game head?

Thanks for your time.
~S~  Jaeger55
Steph #2 03/04/2014 - 17h15

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Let me try to reply the best  I can:

1. Zoom Smoothing Multiplier

Is dynamic smoothing on your Z-axis. The further you zoom in the more smoothing is applied on the view field. Otherwise it will becomes quickly hard to stay focused on a point.

2. Dynamic Smoothing Reduction
allows you to smooth realtime movements. (Imagine some kind of opposite of the mouse-acceleration under windows)

3. Average
is the percentage of frames to be averaged.

The view translation

Example: When you want to zoom-in in right backward view in-game you have to move your real head to the right and forward (to zoom in). To avoid this unnatural behavior you can check the view translation. Now you can move your head to the right (and when in-game over 90°) and back to zoom in. (Hope that explanation is comprehensible...)
Same for backward and left/right translation movements that inverted.

For the problem of wobbleing backward view:
I do decrease the roll sensivity, as that don't really gives an advantage.
Then you flat out the axis curves in the end portion to get some kind of deadzone over 160° like this:

Posted Image

Nevertheless I needed two or three weeks of practice to really get in this fine movements of headtracking.
Jaeger55 #3 06/04/2014 - 17h32

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Thanks for the response.

After more testing....

In IL2 this works great, I have it just right.  I can look around and I am in full control of the players head in the game.

In Rise of Flight, it works well also, except in a zoom view.  I still get that hyper moverment of the head that makes it very difficult to focus on a target.

Anyone play RoF and experience this?

Thanks Jaeger

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