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outbreaker2013 #1 02/10/2013 - 12h15

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Hello, I'm totally new to FreeTrack and me and my dad just finished building our 3 point IR LED cap. It does work as I removed the IR filter and so on, my camera does detect the LEDs.

The strange thing is, when I go to Free Track, I can change the Stream Properties but the Camera Properties page shows up empty, just like this:

Posted Image

My camera is an I-look 310 (I see 300 is compatible, I guess both are quite similar) drivers and so on are working as intended on other programs.

OS is Windows 7 x64.

Stormrider #2 03/10/2013 - 10h31

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Did you try to run freetrack with admin rights an in winxp compability mode?
If you did and it didn't help, uninstall your webcam with software, uninstall freetrack.The best is to do it with software like revo-uninstaller.This software removes completetly without leftovers.Just take the free version.

Turn of uac(user account controll) and install your webcam with the latest drivers/software of the manufactorer and install freetrack with admin rights and xp compability mode.
If you don't know how to turnoff uac,

Or maybe just try an older version of freetrack ;)
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