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Sova #1 28/08/2013 - 17h24

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Hello guys.
I am thrying to make 3 point clip free track model.
The program was given a different dimension compared to those in the manual.

According to the program,vertical distance beatvine diodes is 40-70 (top-midle,midle-lowe)
In handbook there are 30-40mm.Same thing with horizontal distances beatvine diodes.
Wich dimensions are right?
And are dimensions so important at all?
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Stormrider #2 28/08/2013 - 17h40

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Posted Image
But if you make it like this it should be good.
The dimension is not that important.You just need three dots which don't disappear or "melt" together if you move your head.But fill in the right dimensions in freetrack for good tracking, that is more important.
Steph #3 29/08/2013 - 10h12

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you got less precision with little models.
But as long as you respect the geometric conditions it works.
Don't forget to measure the model positions and dimensions to set them up in the model section:

Posted Image
Posted Image

I delete your topic in the general discussion as it was the same question.
Why a poll?
Sova #4 02/09/2013 - 07h52

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Sorry for late answer.
I dont know what does it mean poll,but I could not post if leave it empty :)
Didnt know what to do.You can change everything what you want.
I am thrying to make free-track.There is always some problem,so I needed help.Now I know abouth dimensiones and one unknown think lees.Still cant make it works.Strange behavior in the game.I want to use it with Lock on - Flaming cliff 2.0.
My web camera see some things in mirror mod.I turn it off mirror,tnah cant register movement at that side...Soppose need time to understand the software.My Logitech E 2500 qiuckcam web camera is on the list in the handbook,but max I can get is 16 fps.Not so good.
I am using model shown in previos post with same dimensions.
Thanks for the help guys.
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Steph #5 02/09/2013 - 13h36

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If you want to create a new thread you got two options: 1. New poll or 2. New Topic.
A poll is when you ask people to vote between several possibility given on top of the topic.
For a simple question you choose "New topic".
But it doesn't matter. I do not have enough moderation power to change it, so let's go ahead. ^^

It's important, that you well measure the model position once install on your headset and on your head and to fill up in the right section like it's shown on the scheme.

H - horizontale
V - vertical
D - depth

in relation to the reference point R.

Than go further with the "Profil settings" I mention here:

Check out what resolution you have with your webcam. Try out a lower one, to see if the frames increase.

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