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Ok so I bought this cam a while back while it was on sale and never had a real use for it. So With some work I figured out how to get your Pro 9000 working with Freetrack since there is a trick to it.

Unlike most webcams this one isn't press start and play. But it almost is.

First you don't need to remove a IR Filter with this camera since it doesn't have one that I can tell. I'm using a TrackClip Pro with it stock no modifications and it works fine.

Next after you start FreeTrack and select the camera from the drop down menu you simply just need to click start. now here is where the fun begins. Freetrack will want to close. No idea why but it will Just click No every time it pops up, it will show like 3 times, also the Logitech software configuration tool will open, leave it you will need it.

So when you first press start you will see something like this:
Posted Image

And behind the Camera Config Tool:
Posted Image

After you click No 2-3 times the camera image will turn Grey as shown in the background of the following image:
Posted Image

Now Freetrack won't be able to do anything with that, to fix that you need to open the advanced settings tab of the Webcam Config tool as shown above. You will see all the sliders are to the left. This is what is causing the grey screen.

To fix this simply click the "Restore to defaults" button and it you should start getting an image again. I highly suggest turning off "RightLight" and unchecking all the autos as it tends to mess with freetrack and kill FPS.

At this point you can play with the values based on your taste and and freetracks responsiveness. You should have something looking like the following:

Posted Image

At this point you can click the Save button on the Logitech Config Tool and setup your curves and operate freetrack like normally.  I get 30FPS solid and at most a jump of 2-3 JPS and even that is really rare.

I can use this setup perfectly in DCS World and it is my current setup.  I hope someone finds this useful (Particularly the guy who is using 2.1 for this camera since it doesn't do the Exit on Start thing....).


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