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OBNOXIUs #1 16/12/2011 - 12h30

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I have a question about what additional Delphi libraries are needed to compile the freetrack src code.

I started working with the code checked out from the link provided on the website (revision 349). Then I added following libraries to the search paths of the different Delphi projects:

- Clootie_DirectX92 (
- dklang 3.01 (
- DSPack 2.3.1 (
- PNGComponents (
- Tnt Unicode Controls (
- HIDComposant (
- GLScene (

Some problems:
- what version of GLScene is needed? Because the src code uses "GLSLog.dcu" (which is only included in v1.1) ánd "GLMisc.dcu" (which is nót included in v1.1), so I can't figure out what version to use...

- Are the other libraries correct? I'm not sure about the HIDComposant.

- There was also an entry in the project searchpath: ../NPClient. Is that necessary?

- After some tweaking, I was able to remove a lot of errors, but I still can't get it running. When the project loads, I get a bunch of errors in the style of:
 - Class TResponseCfg not found...
 - Class TPngSpeedbutton not found...
 - Class TUrlLink not found...
Which makes me think I need an additional library called TImage, but I can't find it anywhere!

I hope someone can help me with these issues. I tried it with Delphi 7 Lite Edition ( on Win7x64, and the original Delphi 7 on 32-bit Windows XP. They both give the same errors.

I'm currently doing a master thesis in Electrical Engineering. My goal is to recreate a 3D surround recording, but with only a limited number of speakers (4) in an anechoic room. Therefor I need to localize the person's ears. But 1 webcam isn't enough to capture the whole room in 360°, so I want to alter freetrack so that it supports multiple webcams.

Frans #2 23/08/2012 - 23h19

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Did you ever got it compiling?
Frans #3 26/08/2012 - 14h31

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the svn server was up and running so I downloaded the sources and tried to compile it.

Did the same as OBNOXIUs except that I also made sure that the blp directory was found. That solved the reported problems.  :D

Did have to solve several compiler problems with relation to DirectX. Finally got i compiling but not yet running.   :blink:
plateofshrimp #4 10/02/2013 - 03h18

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First, I know zilch about Delphi.
TResponseCfg is defined in bpl/response.pas as a inheritor of TPanel, which appears to be a standard object in Delphi. So, I think it's a search path problem.
But, many attempts to include bpl/ in the source search path don't fix this complaint on project open, however.

Delphi 7 on Windows 7 64
Axel #5 03/09/2013 - 00h39

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I have the same problem! Did you get it to work, plateofshrimp?
Frans #6 30/10/2013 - 20h22

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As said got it compliled but trouble getting the exe correctly running.

To get it to compile you need to setup all add. components and then include the follwing to the project search path


please note that the exact directory names depend on where you did install the different components and freetrack sources.

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