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Logima #1 11/09/2007 - 15h43

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plus d'info ici

Pour vous dire que le mods Insugency avec la base HL 2 (Half Life 2) téléchargable sans problème est gratuitement sur Vossey (dsl si sa fais de la pub mais c'est les seul liens que j'ai trouvé)

Mods Insurgency

Patch 1.1

est le plus important de cette news et de vous dire qu'il fonctionne avec le TrackIR preuve : Posted Image
Logima #2 12/09/2007 - 15h26

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Alor personne : s n i f :
didja #3 12/09/2007 - 16h33

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Euh en fait, j'ai pas tout saisi... ^ ^

Il s'agit d'un mod (nouvelle carte ?) pour HL2 qui est compatible avec FreeTrack ?

HL2 n'est pas compatible avec FT habituellement ?

C'est ca ? ^ ^

Rémy ; )
Posted Image
Logima #4 13/09/2007 - 14h40

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Donc :

Insurgency est un mods pour Half-Life 2 qui consiste la guerre en Iraq et USA et avec ce mods la disposition du TrackIR est présente !

C'est comme Garry's mod c'est un mod de Half-Life 2
Edited by Logima on 13/09/2007 at 14h41.
Kestrel #5 14/09/2007 - 07h27

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Found this:

"OK, I finally got trackir to work by manually editing the cfg file, however, the implimentation leaves a bit to be desired...

With it on, you can't really aim as when you turn your head it pivots exactly in the middle of the eyes so the iron sights don't parallax. If the fore and rear sight moved then you could tell when you are looking dead centre, but they don't.

Scopes are impossible to use - some kind of tunnel effect seems to have been implimented (ie where if you are not looking through the scope straight, you see the edges of a black circle, but if you look up / down, the circle moves left/right, so again, you cannot really tell when TIR is looking straight forwards and the sight is giving a reliable prediction of where the shot will land.

I think the best / easiest idea is to disable TIR and centre the view when you are ironsight view.

Another easy solution would be to have one button that centred the view and toggled TIR on/off.

Also, lean keys are disabled when TIR is enabled, but using TIR you don't seem to be able to lean properly. And it is controlled by head rotation not translation - the convention in TIR games is that leaning to one side is for lean, not tilting your head to one side. Ideally keys should still work whilst TIR is enabled, so that you can either use TIR or hold the key."

In short, it's not implement very well, to the point of being useless.
Edited by Kestrel on 14/09/2007 at 07h29.

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