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dotmastaz #1 01/06/2016 - 14h11

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I read in the Forum there is a patch for FreeTrack for PS3 Eye don't crash :

Patched FreeTrack with optimized filters from

The file was stored here but does not exist.
Any one could re-share this file ?

Thank you !!
Stormrider #2 02/06/2016 - 09h13

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Hi there,
there is an alternative for freetrack for which you don't need a patch for if you want to use a ps3-eye(only the CLeye driver)

Freetrack can work, but can also give you a lot of problems you have to solve.
Therefor maybe give opentrack a try.It has less functions but in the end it does just the same as freetrack, trcking you head.

Cheers Stormrider

I've send you a pm :D

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