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RSS >  Upper pitch extremes, When I look up really far as I continue to look up sim looks down
Breedus #1 17/03/2016 - 05h10

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So I'm loving freetrack to bits, I been using it for a while, it's fantastic. A bit jittery but it's free. I want to nail down some of the finer details now. I notice that when I physically look up very high my view starts to pitch down. I did some probing and I notice that that my lower most LED (I use a wiimote and a side mounted 3 point clip) does not go higher than my center LED when i'm looking up, if that makes sense. My camera does not lose any tracking of any points It's also a smooth motion back down as I keep looking up it doesn't snap down like the camera lost tracking, its a smooth action

-Thanks for the help guys!
Steph #2 21/03/2016 - 17h30

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try this one to bring it on the right way:

Posted Image

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