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Furby #1 10/09/2015 - 04h47

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I have recently build a 3 point for my headset. It consists of:
-x3 High Output 5mm IR's
-x3 15 ohm resistors to each IR
-Double AA supply
-Toggle Switch
-PS3 Eye with filter removed and replaced with 1 layer from the inside of a floppy disk.

Posted Image

Here is the view from the PS3 eye.
***Note That that light source is never In view.
Posted Image

Freetrack is not picking up my ir's. Idk if it's because of the type of ir or there is steps for it to detect my ir's

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me!!!
Sasha84 #2 10/09/2015 - 10h08

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First and the most obvious thing, you need to sand down your leds so they will have flat heads otherwise freetrack just gonna loose them when you turn your head even a little bit.

You also need to adjust your PS3 eye so it will see only your leds and nothing more.
Just set every slider roughly to 1/3 in cam settings in freetrack and work from there.

Your PS3 eye lost it focus after removal of the IR filter, you need to regain it or freetrack will see your leds as a big blotches or will see them only when leds are up close.
I read its because focal point moves back when IR filter is removed.
You can fix it by setting FOV somewhere in between two set values or putting some other transparent lens where IR filter was.

I fixed it in a bit invasive way and I cant guarantee it will work for you, I read a hint on some forum that since focal point moves back, you just need to bring lens closer.
Advice was to just sand down 0.5 - 1 mm of telescope base (flat part that is screwed to PCB).
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