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SaltyViper #1 07/06/2015 - 06h53

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Hello fellow free trackers!
  I just finished seating all of the Inferred LEDs as well as my battery pack and indicator light in my glasses, the indicator light being a visual cue to make sure i turn it off and don't waste battery life. I should give credit where credit is due, My dad has been doing all of the gluing because of my fear of super gluing my appendages to intimate objects. I have been trying to pair my wiimote to my PC but the three Bluetooth stacks that i've tried so far haven't been working. i've tried Bluesoliel, Windows Default, and The one that came with my dongle. the issue i've had is that after pairing the lights still flash and free track grays of the start button. I have a Playstation Eye that's coming tomorrow so i was going to try and mod that to get it working.

Pictures were accedentaly taken in 4k, Drag the pictures to you tabs to see the full image
SpoilerPosted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

      Just wondering if there was any advice that you could give me, thanks in advance!  :glasses:
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Stormrider #2 08/06/2015 - 17h33

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I would love to give you my opinion, but I can't see any pictures. :snif:

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