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What is FreeTrack?

What does '2dof' and '6dof' mean?

2dof : Two degrees of freedom [Yaw, Pitch]
6dof : Six degrees of freedom [Yaw, Pitch, Roll, X, Y, Z], only available using 3 or 4 point tracking.

Yaw: Rotate left-right
Pitch: Rotate up-down
Roll: Tilt left-right
X: Move left-right
Y: Move up-down
Z: Move forward-back

A 'degree of freedom' describes an axis about which motion can be tracked.

Why can't I get full 6dof in <insert game name here>?

Not all head tracking enabled games support 6dof.

In Flight Simulator 2004, when using the FSUIPC interface, zooming is not smooth, changing in large discrete steps.

This is a limitation of the zooming system in Flight Simulator 2004 and is most noticeable when zoomed out.
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