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RSS >  ARMA 2 freetrack setup, Freetrack works really well :) , Arma 2 however has "issues" :(
Mr_Amway #1 31/12/2014 - 05h46

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hi there people.

hey I am trying out Freetrack with Arma 2.

So, I can apply the freetrack to various controls.
(If you have setup arma there a SEVERAL "aim" and "look" inputs)

My idea was to use the "look" button to let freetrack control my
point of view while the button is held down . When the button is release the POV gets locked dead ahead.
(awsome for landing while looking around and then locking in for hardout
flying mayhem)

This was my goal but sadly ARMA @ does very very odd things to the
input, some kind of curve applied which renders the whole thing
unusable. What on EARTH where they thinking?
(I have spent HOURS tweaking the freetrack curves etc to overcome this
but it just makes it worse, the edges of the pov are "sticky" and not linear at all)

Freetrack itself seems to work really really really well but ARMA just mangles the input to heck. (why why why???)

The only option is to apply free track input to certain bindings and suck it up.

This is not optimal. Darn it.

The odd thing is there are controls which when freetrack is applied to work well but they have create some seriously BAD side effects which break my balls. :( So that won't do.

So yeah. Any ARMA 2 fans with good ideas???

I may put up a video someplace explaingin what I mean in detail.

Happy flying

Mr Amway.
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