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Doggy #76 25/03/2008 - 13h14

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MSI WebCam StarCam Clip (1.3Mpx)
- no IR filter, own IR LEDs (on/off/auto)
- low cpu usage max 5% (intel E4500 C2D)
- requires the Enable button application to disable auto exposure
- 27-29 FPS
- RGB24/I420
- glass lens (good picture quality)
- low price
Z-Town Pirate #77 31/03/2008 - 14h50

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Microsoft Lifecam VX3000

Works great.  However, this camera DOES require the removal of its IR filter.  I've seen some suggest since the VX3000 is more expensive than the VX1000, that the VX3000 doesn't need to be modified.  I can tell you from first-hand experience, the VX3000 would not pick up any of the infrared LEDs on a TrackClip Pro in a completely dark room until the IR filter was removed.

The procedure for removing the VX3000 IR filter is identical to the VX1000.

The only problem I have with the camera is its exposure continues to default back to 24, even when I use the enabler to uncheck auto exposure and set it to zero.  OS is Vista Home Premium 32-bit.
zaelu #78 12/04/2008 - 22h40

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A4Tech PK 333 MB

Good FPS, around 30
Low jitter
Easy removal IR filter

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vonkugel #79 18/04/2008 - 16h09

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Registered on : 18/04/2008

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First i used Creative Webcam Pro

Worked quite well at 320x240

Fps was 23, a bit low.

Now i have Gembird CAM66U

640x480, constant 30 fps, jitter 3-5

works very well

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lilpunk1302 #80 21/04/2008 - 01h07

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Canon ZR500 DV Camcorder

Works just fine when you put it in P mode and set Exposure to -11(Owners will know what I'm talkin abouts)

Only problem I'm seeing is that while viewing the direct feed(Where you can set the threshold) it claims 2-3 FPS, leaving it for a couple mins seems to fix, and so does changing the tab.
andyfoot #81 26/04/2008 - 08h41

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Pastrin @ 09/11/2007 - 13h04 a dit:

Well I have just set up my EYE TOY for PS2 SCHE-0004 and I am using it in Flight Simulator X with perfect results in 3 points cap config.

How exactly do you use the Eye Toy. I've taken mine apart and can't find any IR filter. I can see my LED's light up in normal lighting/viewing, but it isn't very clear using the Freetrack program, barely visible and too much "other stuff" gets picked up giving lots of tracking points.

Edit:- OK, so I forgot to use the Floppy disc filter. All I had to do was place it in front of the lens to block out visible light, and hey presto it sees my 3 point cap LED's no problem, without any other sort of modification being applied. Now I just need to work out how to use the program and make some profiles.
For those who don't know, using the Eyetoy as a webcam, you need to download and install the driver, just Google "Eyetoy as webcam" and there are plenty of guides, it's a straight forward procedure.
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Colmarino #82 06/05/2008 - 13h28

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Mustek Gsmart Mini 3

Incompatible because:

No IR Filter, instead a lens coating was applied.
No more than 13fps
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didja #83 06/05/2008 - 18h50

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The list has just been updated, thanks for your contributions !

Rémy :)
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Colmarino #84 06/05/2008 - 22h01

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Registered on : 19/04/2008

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I confirm that the Webcam Trust WB-1400 works fine at 30fps on FSX.
No IR filter was removed.
Autoexposure was changed to 0 and remains that way.
Arrowhead #85 16/05/2008 - 07h47

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Registered on : 30/04/2008

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Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 works like a charm.
-Cost about $50 Canadian
-30fps @640x480
-I'm using 3mm 1.6V 50mA IR LEDs and didn't need to take out the IR filter. I don't even use a visible light filter for that matter! Just turned off the auto-exposure and put it in outdoors mode. Just need to make sure the blinds are closed in the day time(which they usually are) and it's perfect. 6 degrees of freedom baby! :D
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Chrester #86 19/05/2008 - 15h40

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Logitech Quickcam here. Works like a charm. Just tried iL-2FB and its very good.
WilderPilz #87 23/05/2008 - 12h30

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Logitech Quick cam chat


The IR-Filter is fixed with glue. I tried to remove it, but this did not work.
Also the FPS are very low only round about 24 although the cam should have 30. So there was some kind of picture lag!

I invest 10€ more and bought the microsoft Vx3000.
Much better Frame rate (30 FPS constant).
tgrasp #88 24/05/2008 - 08h02

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Registered on : 24/05/2008

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I just bought the Emprex PC901 and it works nicely.  I'm using red LED (non-IR) on 3-point clip and have used the native driver only to adjust settings.  I've made no modifications to the cam so far.

29-30 FPS
0-1 Jitter

Have only used in medium to low light.  I paid ~13 dollars for the cam.  Both CFS3 and IL-2 play beautifully.

The webcam is a very poor quality cam for other uses, but so far excellent with Freetrack.
iGGy #89 26/05/2008 - 05h51

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Registered on : 21/05/2008

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"Dell Laptop Integrated Webcam" on a Dell XPS M1730 laptop:

Works after a lot of tweaking. Auto-Exposure can not be disabled. I did not remove any IR filter. I used white superbright LED's (3point clip) with the tops flattened. Not the best conditions, but it did work using the following:

The ambient lightning in the room has to be sufficient for the auto-exposure to run the camera in 25fps, but of course, but without having any "overexposed" pure white parts that freetrack tries to track. In FreeTrack's Camera Properties, turn brightness, gamma, sharpness, color and backlight compensation all the way down. White balance set to 2800 (this is important), contrast to 33. Freetrack now has no problem tracking the LED's @ 25FPS

The Z translation is extremely sensitive within Flight Simulator X.. with default settings, I z-translate 10m with the slightest head movement.

A major problem within Flight Simulator X was a very, very annoying head tracking delay, which was not apparent in the 3D preview within freetrack. The problem was a lot worse when running FS X fullscreen compared to windowed mode. Changing Global->Interpolation->Webcam FPS to a erroneous value of 50 (actual FPS: 25) solved the problem. I also use 0 in "Extra Frames", not yet sure if that matters.

I doubt the above problem is specific to my configuration, and maybe not even specific to FS X ? Maybe that should be put in a FAQ?

Program authors: EXCELLENT work! :)
Tisse #90 31/05/2008 - 10h34

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Speedlink Square Webcam, 100k Pixel SL-6810 works quite well.

-low prize (~12€ in Germany)
-relatively easy to remove IR-filter: First unscrew the lens cylinder. Then remove the glued ring at the front (pluged, not screwed) from the lens cylinder. Finally push out the inner cylinder from the rear, and off goes the IR-filter.
-30 fps up to 640x480 (only when exposure manualy set to 0 and auto exposure enabled *g*)
-relative high cpu consumption (dual core cpu recommended if you also want to play a game   :D  )
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