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Kestrel #1 02/09/2011 - 09h44

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For Battlefield 2 v1.41 and v1.5.

BF2FreeLook brings view controls normally expected of PC air combat games to Battlefield 2; head tracking, mouselook, snap and pan view controls are available for pilot, bomber copilot and driver positions with no loss of vehicle controls.

BF2FreeLook will need to be run as an admin if BF2 is run as an admin.

Head tracking is available through the FreeTrack interface when mouselook is disabled, providing six degrees of freedom view movement. Snap views still work with head tracking, momentarily overriding the view.

Controls can be remapped to mouse, keyboard and joystick buttons, allowing classic joystick POV hat switch view control. Press Esc to unmap, wait a few seconds to cancel mapping.

Since the HUD is drawn to the screen, it moves with the view and can only be used for aiming when it is properly centered. Head tracking has an optional strong center deadzone to make aiming easier when the HUD is available, snap view always returns to center, pan view can be centered with the middle key and mouselook centers when it is disabled.

Testing has been limited to vanilla BF2 and Project Reality vehicles. The original view rotation limits were needlessly restrictive and have been expanded to full 360 degrees, only the downward pitch limit is still enforced as several aircraft interiors don't have a floor and there isn't much reason to look down there anyway. Both the extra rear visibility and head tracking translation have the potential to reveal incomplete or unpolished parts of the interiors. The vanilla BF2 vehicles are mostly fine with a few aircraft missing vertical stabilizers, mods can be more problematic however, some Project Reality aircraft are missing a complete rear interior but fortunately these are in the minority.

The requirements for view control working in a vehicle are that the occupied position is either the first position or any other position with no hud (guiIndex=0) and in all cases the position must have a camera yaw limit of greater than 10 degrees to the left and right. This is intended to prevent it from working when the camera is tied to a turret and used for firing which is not suitable for independent view control. There are a small number of Project Reality vehicles that are suitable but don't meet the above requirements and so view control will not work.

Works on ranked PunkBuster enabled servers without triggering violations and Even Balance say that it seems fine and have not shown an interest in blacklisting it. The worst that could happen is it triggers a restriction kick with no consequences.

Download BF2FreeLook v1.1
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Blindasabat #2 02/09/2011 - 14h11

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Thanks Kestrel, this could revive my long gone BF2 addiction.  ;D

Good too see there are still devs on the forum btw.  :)
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Gorkounov #3 05/09/2011 - 10h20

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This was posted on the Project Reality forums and this is going to be a huge hit.
Just wondering, does it support TrackIR or only FreeTrack?

Because FreeTrack no longer supports NaturalPoint cameras so I was wondering if there is any way for me to get that working?
Crecker #4 13/10/2011 - 16h17

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Hello! Tested in the original BF2 and found an error in aiming helicopters. They shoot a little lower than they should. Can somehow adjust? Aircraft thrive, and with helicopters is a problem.
If necessary, pour down video clip on YouTube.
Sorry for the broken English, an interpreter translated the Google.

Just checked in Project Reality, there is also a helicopter shot is slightly lower than the crosshairs.

Yet tested in version 1.41 and reinstalled Windows. Nothing. Still misses.
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Crecker #5 13/10/2011 - 17h41

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Schwarz #6 25/07/2014 - 17h30

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Hi Kestrel,

as Project Reality uses its own executable in the most recent version Bf2Freelook doesn't detect PR anymore.
Could you release a new version that fixes that?

Also on a related note do you think it would be possible to add aim separate head movement to  BF2Freelook? In single player if you press p for pause it is already possible to look around without moving your gun, so adding separate head movement for infantry should be rather similar to what you did for Vehicles. Because that would be awesome for playing with the Oculus Rift :D
If that is possible it would be even better if head movement would deactivated when you look down your Optics/Iron sights.

Best Regards,


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