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RSS >  ARMA Profile, Anyone have one for v2.2?
EDcase #1 05/05/2009 - 11h31

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Do you have an ArmA profile for FreeTrack V2.2 that you can upload?

Then we can meet on the battlefield... ;)


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DrSnow #2 05/05/2009 - 13h11

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IMHO i would set the profile up myself. It's not so difficult and you most likely do it in few minutes.
My first version was up under 3 minutes, after that few tweaks to sensitivity  and deadzone ... and off u go.

What i have found out is that cap dimensions and directions of LED's are very important when you are looking for a good tracking, so spend time on it.
EDcase #3 05/05/2009 - 23h31

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Thanks for the reply.

I'll have a go once I've built the LED point tracker.

I was hoping to get a profile that works and then edit to my taste rather than start from scratch.

Hopefully it won't be too painful.   :rolleyes:

EDIT:  Yes, its quite easy to set up. (lots of tweaking)
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PLebre #4 13/08/2009 - 22h25

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I'd spend some time trying to set it, but no good, find it very unstable.

If someone could share one ARMA 2 profile (v2.2) it will be great.

I am trying to understand why is it so dificult to find shared profiles on the forum.


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Bushlurker #5 13/08/2009 - 23h19

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Hi guys....

The Doc is right...

Theres so few profiles because everyones implementations of Freetrack are so different - it's not out of the box like a Track IR - everyone has same cam, same clip, same software....
All we have in common is the  < highly configurable, thank god> software...

I only play Arma, so I've never bothered having a seperate profile for it - Default is Arma... (though recently as I've changed from Arma to Arma2 I've noticed it's NOT the same - and I'm currently in mid-retweak myself...

I guess I could post my default profile, b ut I could tell you what my settings are in about 3 lines.... The problem s are...
a) I use a 52" wide triplescreen setup - that means I turn my head a LOT - if I was confined to the middlescreen only, my settings would be totally different... well, sensitivity for one...

Here's a quickie on my setup...
Profile Page
Yaw = 1.0
Pitch = 1.4
Roll plus X, Y and Z all zero  (I'm not using leaning till I get the others right)

Top 2 on 45, the rest on 15

Then click the "Curves" icon

In here I rightclick the top curve - choose "deadzone" - "small deadzone"
then right click again - choose copy to - all

Thats it.... Currently I'm tweaking sensitivity and smoothing with Yaw only, then doing the same with pitch... Trying to get a natural feel...
(notice how my pitch (up and down) is higher than my Yaw (side to side)?
Thats because my monitor setup is very wide = lots of side to side movement - but very little up and down - so it needs higher sensitivity to travel further with less movement.....

It's all so very personal to your setup, I really think you'll have to bite the tweaking bullet and experiment a bit...

One final point which gets overlooked but which needs to be right for proper tracking is the Model position...

In freetrack click the "Model" icon...

look underneath the diagram - those three sliders...
You need to first picture where the pivot point is (middle of your spine/neck at a point just below the ear.....)
Now - everybodys hat or clip is different..... whereabouts in YOUR rig is YOUR point R (the middle one) in relation to YOUR pivot point???

Get a ruler out or something - start adjusting these sliders... its fairly important for a smooth ride...

All this stuff can be preset out of the box - coz everybodys the same....
With freetrack it's get a ballpark idea and tweak from there until you're happy...

Hope this helps a  bit...

ugotdan #6 14/06/2013 - 12h02

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Ah this helped me a bunch! Thanks! :D

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