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Rask #16 17/09/2007 - 10h52

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"Modo" a dit:

Thanks Rask.

Using your settings, i've upped my FPS' from 8/18 to 29/30.

No problem.
I think the camera is quite good for Freetrack.

The only thing i absolutly don't like about the camera is the driver. It installs tons of stuff that i don't really understand why it needs that. Having said that i currently looking into an existing open source driver to see if i can get a bit more performance out of the cam. Just don't expect any results in the near future, since i have limited time at hand.
mooringj #17 19/09/2007 - 08h29

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I just started using freetracker and I selected the trust wb-1400t because of the recommendations I saw on this forum.
however even when using the settings that were suggested in this thread my framerate remains limited to about 13 fps.
I modified the webcam and removed the ir-filter.
I can think of several differences and would like to be advised on what next step to take to improve my setup. (fs2k4 is playable but not fluently.)
I am using a single red LED at the moment and the -2 version of the webcam.



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