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RSS >  Start button hotkey?, Restarting tracking on the fly
jasoniumh #1 22/06/2015 - 03h10

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Is there a way to restart headtracking (as if you pressed the start button) via a hotkey or otherwise mapped button?
My setup seems a bit finnicky, I can only play in windowed mode due to contant restarts... My wiimote makes that -blehbib- sound and the tracking freezes. I have to leave my controls in a live match, click on the icon and press start again. Very anoying.

I'm no computer programer but any help would apreciated. :)
jasoniumh #2 17/07/2015 - 14h12

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ok... you guys are devilishy quiet on this, but I found the answer.. turns out the "pause" hot key assignment also starts the tracking service as well.. so I assigned a button on my control pad and bingo. Too easy!

Hope I've helped someone else out there :)
Stormrider #3 19/07/2015 - 20h02

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Thanks for sharing!! :D
I knew it was possible with ftnoir, but never used it for freetrack.
You are right it is rather quiet here................... :snif:

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