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RSS >  Wii remote and Win 8.1, Freetrack not recognizing Wii Remote
skids5108 #1 16/05/2015 - 01h49

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Good Morning / Afternoon all,

Firstly, thanks to the developers for providing what could be a great idea for Flight Sim X.
I have been searching the forums for the issue I am having however I could find no reference to it.

I see and read that the WII remote can be used as a camera for free track. I have already made the " head tracker" as per instructions with IR leds, and using the actual WII as a testing system, disconnecting the WII bar and using my head tracker ( 3 points clip ) as the IR transmitting device, the hand icon on the WII moves around. Result - my 3 point clip works.

Now to the WII remote as a camera,
I have installed a Bluetooth Dongle to my desktop computer. In "Devices and Printers" the Dongle is acknowledged.
In Device Manager, Bluetooth is recognized with three entries, Generic bluetooth radio, Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator and Nintendo RVL-CNT-01.

As far as I can determine  the WII remote is active as an input device.

Now when I open up Freetrack I only have the "Demo Mode" option available. It appears that for whatever reason, Freetrack will  not recognize the controller as a camera?

In saying that, Freetrack did give me the option of selecting the nintendo on one occasion however on selecting it, it did not work and then dissapeared from the options.

Bluetooth Dongle is V2 and I have also tried it with a friends Bluetooth V3 Dongle who is also attempting to do the same.

Windows 8.1
AMD Athlon11 x2 250 Processor 3.00GHz
4.00 GB Ram
64-bit OS, 64-based processor
AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series

Any ideas please guys, thanks in advance,

Paul S
Stormrider #2 17/05/2015 - 11h58

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yes,the latest version of  freetrack can work with a genuin wii-remote.Years ago I also gave it a try.I got it working but also had a lot of problems with loosing the connection with the wii-remote.
In 2008, the release year of the latest freetrack-version, you could benifit from using a wii-remote because it didn't use your cpu.But nowadays pc's are much faster, webcam are better so why use a wii-remote??I can understand that if you don't have another webcam you want to give it a try with the wii-remote, but using a webcam gives you less connection problems.
and if you want to start with a ps3-eye, there can be some difficulties with modifying them.There is a shop in the UK now, who sells them already modified.It can save you from a disapointment incase you got the wrong ps3-eye.

I thought I had the good one, but it wasn't :angry:

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