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RSS >  Cam on head. LED on monitor.
Mr_Amway #1 25/12/2014 - 04h51

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So yeah, only about 2 or three hours into freetracking I swapped the cam with the LED. and I'm SOLD.

the difference is, well, much better.

Move the cam (it has wide FOV) keep the led still.

So far it seems to being doing really well!

I am using a vx3000 cam and a low power IR LED.

I found the bug in FR with the ps eye cam. (it crashes when you hit start)
You need to open the frame size and FPS box, change it randomly, change it back to what you want, apply, and then you are good to go. :)

So yeah, I have the cam stuck on my head!!!!


Mr Amway.


I was not sure if I was just fooling myself. so I waited a time and tried it out
again. FAR SUPERIOR. Try it out. no more fiddling with wide angle LEDS.
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MsG #2 10/01/2015 - 10h00

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Nice, I will try this too :-), brilliant idea.

By the way instead of getting frustrated with this old piece of software you should try: FaceTrackNoIR with Pointtracker plugin or OpenTrack
Mr_Amway #3 24/02/2015 - 00h42

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er, wow. Hey.

Yes, well sometimes some things work better upside downand back to front...

I am still using the HEADCAM, and its still GREAT!
LED drop off at extreme angles is marginal. Nothing to make you want to
create omindirectional LED's for...

And whats more it's easier to fix issue with stray light while looking in the direction that the cam is looking than trying to work out what behind you is
causeing all the fuss!

Looking around while bashing the SPitfire over Chernarus is AMAZING!

Kind regards!


(I have never heard anyone say anything I have come up with is brilliant... cooo... eck. :)


I tried FacetrackNOIR but failed to make a multipoint IR target and so I stalled at the first hurdle. :( I was not impressed that the IR plugin does not do one IR target. Damn it. Arma 2 only does XandY ... I think...
OK, ok, I will get some more LED's and cobble together one! :)
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Steph #4 24/02/2015 - 12h16

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if this works for you it's ok, personally I largely prefer using the right LEDs with a good beam angle and a good daylight filter allowing me to carry a light clip on a headset than a cam on the head.
There is no real advantage to inverse it.
Did you try the SFH485P with +-40° half angle?
Mr_Amway #5 27/02/2015 - 04h25

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hi Steph.

Re:Trying the  sfh48sp  er, no.
But then I am used to wearing head torches
and find wearing the ps3 cam to be not uncomfortable.
...removed all the plastic and attached it to a head torch mount.
AND I can adjust the angle of the dangle quickly by moving the POV around abit on the cam.
So i can jump in the hot seat, slap on the cam, look at the screen, wiggle  the cam and I am done. If I want to change it I can go back to FT and angle it how I want it. but since I have it set up the way I like it, it's just set and forget.

It's actually quite good...



Oh my, I have gotten FT to work with DCS. the view out of the bubble canopy on the TF-51D is great. And it seems to work better than ARMA 2. no more exaggerated movement that has to be tamed :)

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