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P1nts3L #1 13/12/2014 - 21h24

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So im here to ask for help. What im trying to do is, building the headset.
I have 3x LD271 5mm IR 950nm 130mA 50deg
And 3 power supplies to use, which one of them would be the best ?
The power supplies are:
1x Old Nokia phone charger. Output: 3,7V 355mA/ 1,3VA
1x Old Nokia phone charger. Output: 5.3V 500mA
And a USB cable from an old webcam.. that i would use together with Samsung Travel Adapter wall plug.. Output of the adapter is: 5.0V 2.0A
I have actually no knowledge of the ohms, amps, milliamps.. etc. Real dummy here :unsure: ..
I also know that i need a right resistor for this build, so perhaps you could help me find the right one.
Any kind of help would be appreciated.

EDIT: So according to this, i need a 9.1 ohm 5% resistor. What if the local store dont have this kind of a resistor, are there any alternatives ?

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Steph #2 14/12/2014 - 21h35

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10, 12, 15ohm will be ok with travel adapter wall plug 5.0V 2.0A.
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