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not2high2fly #1 02/09/2013 - 09h45

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I used free track a few years ago with the logitech orbit mp camera and the 3 point cap and it worked pretty good with the flight sims I was playing. After a while I got bored and put the joystick away. Long story short im back so I went to set my controls up and found out my old cam didnt work with my windows version. Picked up a microsoft vx3000 lifecam which IMO is not up to the task I was about to give up and came across the ps3 eye cam post. I had one sitting in the closet so why not thats when I found out the hard way(ir filter removal) that there are two diffrent types of cameras. Went and pick up the RIGHT CAM and this time I left the ir filter in and belive it or not no light filter(negitives\floppy disc etc)at all. I went with the 3point clip this time I tried the 30\40\70\80 model first but it didnt work well for me(could have been my junk leds or that I sit 3+ feet from the cam). Built a 60\60\80\80 model and im in the ballgame now for the questions what are my sensor and focal numbers supposed to be \does anyone have a war thunder set up\or any other tips. Also if you are going to build ANY of the point models may I suggest buying a kite. I had a old star wars box kite and remembered it was built with carbon fiber rods and a BUNCH of diffrent connectors(45\90\tees \ks) I have enough parts for 3\4 diffrent models and the rods and connectors let you adjust your models setting by sliding the connector up\dn until your happy without having to make another model. I really think this is an easy\inexpensive\fool proof way to go. I f anyones interested I will add pics. Thanks

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