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Spectre #1 30/08/2013 - 15h35

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I got my FreeTrack (FT) up and running a couple of weeks ago and it has proved to be a very rewarding experience.  I started reading through the FT site and forums so I would be better prepared and it was time well spent.  Initially, I was concerned about the apparent lack of availability of Osram SFH485P ir LEDs, but ran across a seller on ebay that had a quantity of 50 for a very good price.  Then I scouted the best price vs seller feedback to acquire the Sony PS3eye camera.  Lastly, my local RadioShack had 10 ohm resistors in 1/2 watt, which are still very compact, so I went with them for a series-wired, external USB powered cap mount.

Using two thicknesses of unexposed 35mm film for the visible light filter, the PS3eye works very well without having to remove the internal ir filter.  Tracking is fast, smooth and accurate.  I used an extra CD audio cable from an old computer build, plus an unused turbo light connector from a case so that my ir LEDs plug-in rather than being hardwired (quick changeout if needed).  I made a frame for the LEDs out of a thermoplastic and attached it to a cap with velcro.  It's probable that the design will undergo improvement, but this is working very well to get started until I see what else I can do to make it better.

I was perplexed that I could not get FT v2.2.0.279 working and I still don't understand why it won't, but I installed v 2.1.2 and it's working like a champ!

I tried some of the settings others have published in these forums, but ended up experimenting until I found what worked for me.  I set the over-arching parameters in Global, then tweaked the settings for each profile for the sims I fly most, which are IL-2: 1946, IL-2: Cliffs of Dover, and Rise of Flight.  I had no problems getting my head tracker to work with any of the three and I see why people who have used head tracking say theywouldn't want to fly without it.  It adds a whole new dimension to game immersion.  I must say that, while intriguing, I always felt TrackIR was outside my budget.  Fortunately, through the efforts of some very clever folks and helpful input on these boards, I can say without reservation that FreeTrack with the right hardware and proper setup is a tremendous bargain when you figure I've probably got around $20 USD in it
Steph #2 30/08/2013 - 16h13

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Thanks for the feedback.

Hope you further enjoy head tracking. ;)
sailor #3 02/09/2013 - 16h05

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@ spectre... I must admit i feel the same way. I also built a quick setup, which i call MK1 it's just a thrown together thing made out of 3 SFH485SP ir LEDs and used 8 ohm resistor and some old plastic glued together.. The look of this thing makes me look GEEKY and DAFT :0  But for about £20 i cant complain it works great on most titles (once free track as been tweeked)..

Anyway i am putting MK2 together a cap that after i have finished should look cool and will be much lighter i will still use a usb phone charger for the cap setup.. The best thing is i dont after spend anymore money as i have still got spare ir led's and resistors so its 2 for £20..


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