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snu #91 31/05/2008 - 21h08

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Posted image

Found it 10€ at discount, which was pretty lucky as it seems to cost over 30€ elsewhere.

Works perfectly.
+ Low CPU usage (max 3%, AMD Sempron 2800+)
+ No need for ir-filter removal, didn't even check if possible, my ir leds are at 80mA. Haven't tried it in bright daylight yet.
+ Auto-exposure can be disabled
+ Manual focus.
+ Constant 30 fps in FreeTrack use, Jitter 01
+ I420 compression
+ 352x288 resolution
- The field of view could be wider.
didja #92 31/05/2008 - 23h57

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Many thanks for these detailed reports ! List updated !

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jabb #93 08/06/2008 - 20h49

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I've got a Creative PC-Cam 300. Debut in 2001. It's no longer supported by Creative and driver's are pretty hard to find.
No matter what the settings were I couldn't squeeze more than 4fps out of it. I've got no idea what the current price is but it's pointless to buy one for use with Free Track.
didja #94 09/06/2008 - 17h43

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Ok, I've updated the list. Thanks for your help :) !

Posted Image
MEgor #95 17/06/2008 - 22h05

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A4Tech PK-5   (flexicam)
Posted Image
(Vimicro ZC0301PHL chip)
Medium IR filter removing.
RGB24 only.
CPU usage 0% by AMCAP (q6600@2400mhz)
CPU usage 3-4% by FreeTrack (q6600@2400mhz)
320*240   fps 28-29 jitter 3-8
352*288   fps 28-29 jitter 3-8
640*480   fps 28-29 jitter 3-8
800*600   fps 28-29 jitter 2-10
1280*960 fps 12-15 jitter 2-10
When I used 4led - 2.4volts with IR filter, works poor .
Now I use 3IRled - 2.4volt no IR filter, work perfect.
UPD: CPU usage 0% by FreeTrack in minimize mode (q6600@2400mhz)
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JerStryker #96 28/06/2008 - 01h56

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Integrated webcams in Dell monitors and laptops do not seem to have the capability to disable auto exposure.  Unless someone knows a cool trick, they are probably not compatible.
LeChuck #97 12/07/2008 - 00h45

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Some more information on ICatch VI PC Camera (seems like a generic webcam for cheap cameras, mine is called Cirkuit Planet)

25 fps on low resolution
I420 and RGB Compression
Low CPU Usage (aprox 2% on Athlon X2 4600+)
25-27 Jitter (when freetrack is not minimized)
Easy to remove IR filter
Need to block the 4 leds that lit with a photoresistance.
Easy to disable Autoexposure, but I have freetrack autoexposure lock on "0".

Not the best but works fine. Sorry my english.
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jasonbo #98 24/07/2008 - 23h52

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Ive been a lurker for awhile and along with a head tracking unit im also doing stuff with multi touch.  well alot of stuff goes hand in hand and there was a post over here about cameras with easily removable IR filters so here is a link and a list

Creative Webcam N10225 Model No. PD1110 - No IR Filter apparently - Future Shop/Best Buy - North America

SWEEX USB 2.0 1.3 Megapixel camera - Easy to remove IR Filter - MediaMarkt - Belgium

PS2 Eye Toy - easy to remove IR filter - wherever PS2 accessories are sold

XBOX Cam - has IR filter applied to lens - allows IR light to pass

List grabbed from the wiki that not many people are using:

DanKn - Creme de la Crap, no name brand. Frame rate:640 x 480 30 f/s;1280 x 960 10 -15 f/s USB 2.0

jason - Logitech Quickcam Chat (budget), IR filter removed, 7 fps @352x188 on Linux, USB 1.1

alan - Logitech Quickcam Communicate STX, removed IR Filter, 30fps @ 640x480.

BBatchelder - Microsoft VX-6000, IR filter removed, 30fps @640x480, USB 2.0.

Bilsky - Phillips SPC900-NC

Chrizz - Phillips SPC900-NC (mounted a Philips PCVC740K lens, removed ir-filter)

Davman - Phillips SPC900-NC

paulzain - Point Grey Dragonfly2 + Computar 1.8mm lens

Pleh - Phillips SPC900-NC

Sidje - Samsung VP-D101 FW with build-in but bad IR filter - Creative webcam 3 USB1.1

Gravano - Sweex WC001 (budget) Phillips SPC900-NC (for improved performance)

jibberia - Point Grey Firefly MV

juwaidah1990 - Logitech QuickCam Messenger, IR filter removed, Linux compatible.

BlaXwan - Unibrain Fire-i board camera, firewire, you can order it with lens without ir-filter (4.3 and 1.9 mm fish-eye lens), 640x480@30fps

Matthew180 - Sony MiniDV DCR-HC40, firewire, 720 x 480 @ 60f/s.  Has a “Night Shot” mode which internally removes the IR filter so it is perfect for capturing the IR blobs.  I had this camera already so I used it, but probably overkill and certainly an expensive way to go.

Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 and it has got an easy to remove IR-filter. It’s just a little piece of glass behind the lens which will pop out by using a knife. Dixons - Netherlands
VoodooWoo #99 25/07/2008 - 08h46

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Hi @ All!

I have bought the SAITEK W300 webcam for 20€ (Germany)
It works great at 640x480 with 30 FPS and Jitter 0-1 without removing the IR-Filter. I just added a piece of a photograph negative.


wolvie_rs #100 10/08/2008 - 13h51

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Hello people... just to add some information: I have a Genius Messenger Cam, and the auto-exposure can not be disabled. So, running around the site, i found a post informing about something called "Enablebutton". So, i downloaded the software and "voilá"... the auto-exposure can be disabled.

Here goes the link:

I don't know how to remove the IR filter in this cam, because, reducing the autoexposure, the field of view becames to small... i have to stay to close to capture my movements.
I'm using 1 led (IR led, from a remote controler) annd works great!
If someone have some tip to this cam, i aprecciate!

Sorry about the english, brazilian guy here.
Thanks again!
wolvie_rs #101 11/08/2008 - 16h13

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Tisse @ 31/05/2008 - 12h34 a dit:

Speedlink Square Webcam, 100k Pixel SL-6810 works quite well.

-low prize (~12€ in Germany)
-relatively easy to remove IR-filter: First unscrew the lens cylinder. Then remove the glued ring at the front (pluged, not screwed) from the lens cylinder. Finally push out the inner cylinder from the rear, and off goes the IR-filter.
-30 fps up to 640x480 (only when exposure manualy set to 0 and auto exposure enabled *g*)
-relative high cpu consumption (dual core cpu recommended if you also want to play a game   :D  )

Hello! Finally, i find a webcam. This Speedlink (Leadership Night Vision, here in Brazil) works very good! But, i can't remove the IR Filter... i'm afraid to broke the lens cylinder... Can you post a picture or something about the glued ring at the front? I try to take it of with my hands, but no sucess!!! For the brazilian users, buy the Leadership Night Vision Cam... works great!
P.S.: about the white leds, in the sides, there is a way to shut it off?

MIKEYMC #102 16/08/2008 - 21h00

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I have a trust WB-1400T which I bought from tesco here in the UK. I paid about £7 but can be found for as little as £4.25. Very easy to remove the IR filter. Can get 30FPS and practically no jitters. In a dark room its perfect in a moderately lit room some tinkering in the config and its just as good. In a well lit room you may have some problems. Considering its price you can't complain if all you want to do is pull it a part and use it for free track. However it would be better if it had a wider view angle.

Here are the settings I use and results.

Posted Image
Scrollbar at the bottom to see rest of this image!

In a room this bright. For darker occasions I have to edit the settings.
Posted Image
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jvandervalk #103 23/08/2008 - 21h54

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my vx-1000 works like a dream!
Rico #104 31/08/2008 - 00h42

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I just started using the PS2 Eyetoy today. It's the best cam I've tried so far. I picked it up for $13.

The cam has an easily removed IR filter, and for some reason it always provides 30 fps with 0-2 jitter regardless of set resolution (up to 640x480) or exposure (which may be manually set and it's settings are remembered).

The field of vision is also a little better than other cams I've tried.

Task manager shows 0-2% cpu usage, but I'm running twin quad-core E5420's... (workstation turned gaming machine)

The drivers are available here.
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dVb40 #105 01/09/2008 - 10h16

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my old logitech quick cam zoom works great.  it was easy to remove the filter and just use an old floppy over the lens.

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