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Boganova #1 30/07/2012 - 07h30

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Hi guys.

Ive trawled this forum looking for help and have tried many solutions to similar problems offered up in this forum with little success.

Anyway here is my situation.

I have a freetrack set up that By and large I am impressed with. My set up consists of a PS3 eye with ir filterremoved and film filter applied and a trackclip pro headset mounted to my earphones. Despite the issues with cleye drivers etc I managed to get it all working about a months ago now and have been blown away with what it has done for my gaming. I use it in arma religiously and it has improved my experience ten fold

recently I started playing more flight simulator games and it was then that i noticed a limitation to my set up. For whatever reason i cannot look back over my right shoulder and up. I can look right and I can look straight up, but not both together. It works fine for looking left and up however.

The trackclip is set up on the left side of my head, and the PS3eye is set up straight in front of it. The eye doesnt lose the leds at all during the head turn nor do they cross over. The software registers 3 green lights the entire time. Just doesnt translate them to the required movement.

So in lay mans terms, the software wont track upward movement when I look to the right. downward is not effected.

So far i have tried several things to remedy the problem, as listed below.

Changing camera position. its currently aligned dead centre to the trackclip

Changing the model dimensions. Currently set accurately.

Changing model position. have returned to default position

Moving the Trackclip pro. you can rotate it and extend it out etc but nothing helps.

Had partial success with moving the set up to the right side of my head and moving the camera etc along with it. It could track upward movement on the right side again but when turning my head beyond 45% it starting losing the LEDs and wouldnt work.

Im kind of at my wits end here. Was hoping someone here could shed some light and impart some wisdom.

Thanks in advance for reading and any help you offer.
Frans #2 23/08/2012 - 23h14

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so what happens when you first look straight up and then turn right?

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