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RSS >  Is PS3 Eye the way to go?
Herbie28 #31 01/12/2011 - 19h14

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Hello! I need some help: PS3Eye is working 3 green dots, but Freetrack give me Application error:
Exeption EAccecess Violation in module FreeTrack.exe at 0019779 and Access Viollation at address 00419779 in module FreeTrack.exe Read of Address 40239CA6.
I'am on WIN7/64bit Pentium5... I installed as per instruction.

I Did the DPI 100% and lowered my screen-resolution to 1440X900 Now FT open  :) I select my Camera PS3 eye and 40 frames, it show in green color, but I don't have 3 dots on the right side and the Head is not moving on the left side.
Demo Video is working.

Posted Image

Nobody see I had the camera in CL-eye-Test running.  :angry: I turned it off and all is working now 640X480 75 fps. No filter removed, used Negative Film in front of Lens, It's removable to use as Webcam.  :) Herb
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