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jxjcksn #1 12/01/2010 - 02h49

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:D   K guys it's going GREAT ! :-)  So far had a blast building my first single point Cap ... and 1/2 way through building my 3 point clip..  everything on that side is dinky doo ..... the flaming Bluetooth software however is proving a bigger pain in the ^%$ than anything else lol !!!  :p

Here's my problem ....

I got a compatible Bluetooth Dongle - Targus USB 2.0 and got myself a Wii remote. (Before ny1 says it,,,, yes,, i know should have got a dongle with blusoleil) .......   anyways ...

The drivers that some with the Dongle  Widcomm / Broadcomm ver.
install fine and I can get to the point where it asks to PAIR the Wii remote .... THERE is the problem .. all forums and topics I read says there should be a way to skip part where it asks for the unique ID for the remote (as they do not have one) HOWEVER ... does not have that option.

I downloaded the Trial version of Blusoleiel and hey presto no code requested ... connects and works fine ... bar the 2MB xfer limitation and its gonna expire.

My question and problem is THIS ... I tried to download the LATEST widcomm software, hoping that they has ADDED a skip button to the part where it asks for the code for the remote ..... problem is ... on the latest version,,, it goes through 2 stages before installing the latest software (

1. Finding the Bluetooth device  -   Which it does :-)
2. Validating the bluetooth device - which it does NOT !!!!

Herein lies the problem as stages 3 and 4 are download and install  and for some reason it keeps coming back and saying cannot validate my bluetooth device.

Just wondering if any1 has the same problem .... I mean I could buy blusoleil but then the purpose of this project and keeping costs down will be defunct.

I am SURE there must be a way of pairing the Wii remote with the widcomm softeware without a key code ... I just don't know how and apparently am NOT allowed to download the latest drivers for my dongle lol.

Any ideas ??

Yours hopefully
(but happily now figuring out profiles and all those slider bar thingies in FT 2.2 .. at least until my trial of blusoleil expires lol)

jxjcksn #2 16/01/2010 - 02h14

Class : Apprenti
Posts : 25
Registered on : 30/12/2009

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k just a quick addon to this.

After MANY freaking hours messing about with it .... and MANY WIDCOMM / BROADCOMM Versions ..... I have come to this conclusion ....

There are 2 Channels of Bluetooth out of about 8 that Widcomm software does NOT allow you to make an UNSECURED channel.   The TICK BOX, for want of a better word is greyed out .... and THIS is the problem.

If we could UNTICK the SECURE CONNECTION box, then the Widcomm software would not ask for a PAIRING CODE from the Wii remote.

Currently looking for other stack drivers and will work on that this weekend, but just now my advice is .....


It is fast quick and connects straight away !!!!


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