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Arrowhead #46 02/06/2009 - 18h28

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Any chance we can make a similar fix for Arma 2?
cccmaster #47 03/06/2009 - 09h00

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Hi all, I have been serching these forums for days now. I've tryed everything and can not get Free Track v working with Black Shark Ret Eng version.

I've tryed the BS-eng-patch but it dosnt work?

I've tryed installing the latest TrackIR drivers v 4.1.036 and running independently and at the same time as Free Track, It dosnt work?

Can someone give me the sequence of software that needs to be installed and a step by step instruction guide in order to get my home made head tracking unit that works great in any other game, to work in Black Shark Please.

It seems that every other person with the english version of the game has managed to get it working with that .dll fix. Why cant I?

I've tryed setting it up with ppjoy but the instructons leave off after configering the axis's and has no info about the the Min / Max Anolog / Digital? So that wont work.

I have noticed that when free track is on in the game it disables my mouse look function and the view occasionaly jitters so Free Track is trying to work but seems it's beeing locked out still by Starforce. Some times when i try to start the game the view will be locked to looking out the window with an occasional jitter but mouse look won't work. Usualy when i exit the game and shutdown Free Track, Free Track will hang and i need to Ctrl-Alt-Del and end it's process.

Dose these symptoms ring any bells for anyone. I don't play any other sims any more and purchased black shark specificaly to use with Head Tracking so right about now im as frustrated as hell with this game and is protection meathod.

Days i tell you i've been stuffing around with this game configering controls, making my head set and I still have very little flight time. :(

Any help will pritty much make my day.
cccmaster #48 04/06/2009 - 16h25

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Ok, I forgot to mention i am running xp

I have just ticked the TrackerIr box and left everything else unticked, set up a profile for DCS BS under the defult catagory, and replaced the fix .dll file again, and it will sometimes half work for a few seconds then freeze. The longest it worked for was about 30s then freeze, I have to reboot every time.

Usualy it will freeze as soon as it loads the mission flight screen.

Also when it is working for those few seconds head movemend is very unstable and laggy Like it's about to have a ceaze up.

It also is now doing this with Arma every 2nd time i load it and FSX just freezes after a second or two sometimes with no control response what so ever.

IL-2 forgotten battles works flawlessly with the default config.

But yeah this is going to start hurting my computer if i have to keep rebooting 20 times an hour while testing. So i realy need some help from someone who has it working. ie. an idea of what your Free Track settings are?

Im getting closer "I have seen a little head movement now in DCS BS" but crashes have become 90% consitant accross most of my games.

Any ideas? im basicly on my own with these symptoms. Im going to at some stage buy a TrackerIr so i can get some trouble \ hastle free game time in. This just isn't working for me and it's starting to become more worry than it's worth.

I am very impressed with this setup and i thank those who made it possable. Any help will be greatly apprieciated as im just going in circles here.


Ok If a can't get it working  "i'll be back"  :dev:
BillyCrusher #49 10/08/2009 - 20h57

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DCS Black Shark v1.0.1 (released 10.08.09)
Fix for newinput.dll not work :snif:
ReNNo #50 12/08/2009 - 09h36

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Old fix works fine for English 1.0.1.
Just replace newinput.dll again with old (1.0) newinput.dll file.
DI_port #51 14/08/2009 - 20h09

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Where can we get the old fixed NewInput.dll, the fixer won't replace the new one.

I found the correct dll on isohunt! Search for the "newinput.dll" and freetrack will work once again.
Edited by DI_port on 16/08/2009 at 09h27.
Flankys #52 13/06/2010 - 18h43

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It'd be great, if anybody could reupload the exact newinput.dll file, to make FT running in DCS. I mean DCS 1.0 version.

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